When we first approached Richard to help develop our proprietary data networks, he had only a layman’s knowledge of the real estate business; however, it took him no time at all to understand the industry from a professional's point of view. There have been few obstacles that Richard has been unable to overcome with an innovative and efficiently executed solution. Fundamentally, he’s also very amiable and hardworking – a pleasure to work with.

Gregory Keane, ACA - Director, Kitesgrove    Website   

Richard has helped me with a number of projects. I keep going back to him because it is so rare to find someone with such a good combination of soft and hard skills. In my experience individuals who are as good as Richard at programming and quantitative analysis are rarely as clear a communicator as he is or have as strong a work ethic. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

William Hanbury - Founder and CEO, Active Capital Management Ltd    Website   


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